Red and gold abstract style wonderstone sculpture

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An impressive color combinations of red and gold meets in this new original wonderstone sculpture. Abstract style carving, on square shape white marble base

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The red and gold color combination makes an impressive visual effect, not to mention the stone itself, what is really a wonder. Hand carved original sculpture by Gabriella (sagastone). It’s a sort of soft stone, that polishes with standard water base sand papers.

The gold is solid 14k flakes that comes in booklet hammered to very thin. Applied to rough surface for better grip with it’s own adhesive. The method was very popular in the 17th-18th century, widely used in churches, picture frames, etc…

Nature never fails to surprise us with its cretions. This very colorful stone is just an example of that. Officially purple wonderstone, that has only a few shades that might be purple. It’s red brown with kind of ocher yellow pattern. The stone carved to an abstract form, and impanted with real 14K gold.

It’s a brand new red and gold sculpture, that focuses more to present this wonderful stone specimen. polished all around with satin shine, sealed and buffed with natural non toxix bee wax.

11.5″ x 3.75″ x 3.75″, or 29.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm, weights, 4.350 kg.

The sculpture stands on a pinned and epoxy glued square shape white marble base, that polished as well. wonderstone is a popular carving medium, come in many colors, however the most used, and takes the best polish the black version 

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Some information about wonderstone;

special type of rock mineral that occurs in phyllite and schistose rocks is pyrophyllite or wonderstone. Phyllite is made up of shale [the parent rock] 
that transmutes into either slate, phyllite, gneiss or schist.
Wonderstone is known for its smooth, finely grained texture with little or no fractures (phyllitic sheen). 

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    Have it on our fireplace mantle so we can enjoy it always. Beautiful. Well packaged. Arrived promptly. Verry happy with purchase.

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