Raindrops, three dimensional alabaster sculpture

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Vancouver weather inspired original sculpture,  raindrops falling from the sky, carved in three dimensional view from white semi-translucent alabaster stone

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From autumn to spring, it’s always raining in Vancouver. To best describe the city, what else could be, than raindrops. This alabaster sculpture devoted to characterize our beloved hometown. To levitate stone in the air, is an impossible task, so the raindrops touching while falling before they reach the ground. Carved from natural Italian origin alabaster stone, that is semi-translucent and looks awesome when the sculpture placed with light behind it, or in front of a window.

The size of the sculpture including the base, 18″ x 10″ x 5″, or 45 x 25 x 13 cm, and weights 28 lb. or 13.30 kg.

The basic form chiseled out from a large almost double size boulder, than shaped with rasps, detailed with various files. Polished with standard water base sand papers, a six step method what began with 100 grit to smooth the edges. The 200 grit makes an even surface, than by always doubling the granule goes up all the way to 2000, when the stone becomes shiny like glass. Sealed and buffed with natural bee wax, that by time when the stone picks up room temperature, penetrates deep in to the tiny pores.

The sculpture signed and dated, hand signed authentication certificate attached with the purchase.

It’s the second carving of the same subject. The first a smaller version, supported by chrome rods wasn’t the one that I really liked, because of the mixing stone with metal, but it sold very fast. see it here. I always wanted to create a large version with deeper three-dimensional effect.

Alabaster is a gypsum and calcium composed mineral, a soft rock 2-3 on the Mohs scale. Salt that formed by precipitation on the basin of lakes and ancient seas transformed to crystals by evaporation of water. Many colors mined around the world, however the best quality carving medium the Spainish and Italian alabaster.

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1 review for Raindrops, three dimensional alabaster sculpture

  1. mlough (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece of art…my friend loved it!

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