Oldest tree in the world, the gingko sculpture

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Gingko known as the oldest tree in the world and symbolizes long life and endurance. This original green stone carving devoted to its legacy and allusive meaning

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Oldest tree in the world, the Gingko known and symbolizes long life and endurance. This original green stone carving devoted to its legacy and allusive meaning

10.5″ x 5.25″ x 3″                       26 x 13 x 7 cm                     1.790 kg.

Light green hand carved natural soapstone sculpture of a gingko tree. The legend of the oldest tree in the world goes beyond fascination, and deserve to be carved and in stone what might not even last as long than the tree itself. The carving meant as a symbolic art display for those who likes to live and reminded by interpretations.

Carved in minimalist style, however the details refined more than usual. Only traditional hand tools used for shaping, and standard sand papers for polishing. The sculpture has an excellent shine, finished with 2000 grit. Sealed and buffed with natural non toxic bee wax. Stands on a round shape black zebra marble base, that polished as well.

Signed and dated by the carver Gabriella ( sagastone ) on the base. Authentication certificate attached with the purchase of the sculpture.

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Despite the fact that soapstone is a metamorphic rock, it’s not hard at all. Measured by the Mohs scale where diamonds is the hardest 10, soapstone is on the bottom of with 2. It’s wonderful stone however with a variety of uses. Known as an excellent insulator for electrical and heat resistance, when grinned to dust used for cosmetics like talk powder and as paint agent.
Because its intense and many available colors fund all over the world, one of the most favored carving medium for armatures and professionals equally. Easy to shape it with basic rasp or file, and polish it with standard sand papers. The variety of colors inspires artists to carve gleaming figurines and sculptures.
The cons, that it’s easily damages, scratches with finger nails, and by rubbing it to other harder objects.
The pros, it’s easy to repair it. All it takes just sanding away the damaged spots, starting with 100 grit, than doubling the smoothness, 200, 400, 800. 1500, 2000. After 600 grit, the color comes back, just need to shine it a little more. A little bee wax, or olive oil buff helps to seal the tiny pores, and stays shiny for a long time.

1 review for Oldest tree in the world, the gingko sculpture

  1. Cindy (verified owner)

    Thank you, Gabriella and Peter! This piece is absolutely gorgeous and is everything I hoped it would be, and then some! It was so well packaged and made the trek across the country with no issues whatsoever. It was a pleasure to deal with Sagastone, and if I’m in the market for another piece like this, I won’t hesitate to order from you again!

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.