Green moss agate, large silver wire wrap pendant

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Use green moss agate to sooth emotional mood swings. Large size natural transparent organic crystal pendant with sterling silver wire wrapping and necklace

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Like time stood still, in this large green moss agate pendant. The vegetation surrounded by clear transparent crystal didn’t fade any colors over millions of years, just like happened yesterday. It’s a nice large and thick size natural untreated Chalcedony crystal with sterling silver square and half round jewelry wire wrapping and with a silver plated 20″ x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace.

stone size: 40.5 x 25.7 x11.1 mm                97.95 ct.
overall pendant height, 53.8 mm

The color is a bit red pinkish, however the stone belongs to the green moss agate family.

Moss agate known as a crystal that brings peace and stability to emotions and the body. Soothes the temper, and helps to balance emotional mood swings. One of the best stone to use against depression. Sometimes called as the optimistic stone, because it promotes positive self-image, and strenghtens confidence.

Moss agate is not a birthstone, however its associated with the planet Mercury, and a recommended stone for Gemini.

All of our gemstones 100% natural, we never color treat, dye, or alter theme. Cut from locally prospected, traded or purchased from fellow rock collectors. Each stone inspected for best quality, designed to shape by after the pattern that characterize the specimen. Hand cut with a nine step lapidary method on diamond wheels up to 50.000 grit smoothness and shine. No chemicals or harmful materials used during the cutting and polishing process, only clean water to cool the wheels. 

The setting a minimalist style wire wrapping. We use sterling silver mostly 21 gauge jewelry wire, that we acquire from certified suppliers. Some pendants set with findings, the material used for that always specified in the product description.

All listed pendants includes a silver plated necklace, or the option to upgrade to sterling silver.

A large selection of raw jewelry quality gemstones available for custom shape and size cutting.

Sorry we don’t sell only the raw stone.


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    happy with the store! all stones I’ve ordered are exactly like on the pictures. great quality!

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