Giant dragonfly, hand carved alabaster sculpture

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Minimalist style new stone sculpture of a giant dragonfly resting on a leaf. Alabaster original hand carving on semi precious mineral base by Canadian artist

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Minimalist style new stone sculpture of a giant dragonfly resting on a leaf. Alabaster original hand carving on semi precious mineral base by Canadian artist

19.5″ x 12″ 4.25″               50 x 30 x 11 cm                     12.860 kg.

The wisdom of change and adaptability in life is born by the dragonfly totem. The dragonfly, as sacred animal, is related to the symbolism of transformation
 and light. It can remind you to add little more lightness and joy into your life when the dragonfly shows up in your life. Many that have this animal as totem 
will be prone to dive deeply into their feelings and their true colours shine.
The medium of this sculpture Spanish alabaster, what’s know for its fine crystal structure as one of the best carving material, however it’s not a very hard stone,
only 2-3 on the scale of 1-10. Therefore it’s best to carve minimalist style figures, that not require highly detailed relevance.
The sculptures shaped out from a large boulder the traditional way, with chisels and mallet. Detailed with rasps and files, polished with standard water base sand papers.
The polishing process  starts with 100 and concludes with 2000 grit, what gives the stone a glass like smoothness and shiny surface.
It’s a brand new original stone carving by Gabriella (sagastone), presently displayed in Vancouver Canada. The alabaster stone has a little orange shade, what shows
amazing when placed with light behind, or in window. The base, is a self collected Utah USA origin Rhyolite wonder stone, red burgundy color. Rhyolite sometimes called 
Jasper. The only reason why wasn’t used for gemstone pendant, because lacking its pattern. The sculpture pinned and stone epoxy glued to the base.
The alabaster sealed and buffed with natural non toxic bee wax, not need maintenance, however a few drops of olive oil and a soft cloth buff every other months keeps it
fresh and new looking.
hand signed authentication certificate attached when purchased. 
Free shipping to Canada and USA.  

4 reviews for Giant dragonfly, hand carved alabaster sculpture

  1. Colleen (verified owner)

    This is a stunning carving – even more beautiful than the picture! I don’t want to give it away as a gift because it’s so stunning. But, it’ll make a lovely gift, I’m sure.

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  2. naturelover1144 (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful!! This was purchased as a special gift for a friend, and she was thrilled to receive it!! Gabriella is amazing to deal with; an incredible artist and wonderful with communication and customer service. I highly recommend this shop!! I look forward to future purchases!!

    1 product
  3. ceh0162 (verified owner)

    I requested this custom turtle as a companion piece to a bear. Gabriella was wonderful to work with and I am stunned by how perfectly she captured what I was hoping for. An amazing talent and so kind and responsive 🙂 Thank you again!!!

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  4. Leslie (verified owner)

    The carving is beautiful! Amazing artistry. Thank you.

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